Development strategy of the Nizhny Novgorod Region until 2035

Developed and adopted in 2018
2,800 meetings were held with residents of the region
1,200 experts of the Nizhny Novgorod Region are involved
5,500 offers were received from residents of the region
94% of residents voted "FOR" the strategy
Raised in the framework of national projects in 2019-2024

The strategy covers the main areas of development of the Nizhny Novgorod Region.


The main strategic goal of the region is to become a new global center for the development, attraction of high-quality human capital and the realization of the creative, spiritual and intellectual potential of people, one of the Russian leaders in contributing to national wealth, scientific and technological development.


The main tool for the development of the regional economy that defines the well-being of more than 3 million residents is the investment in key rapidly growing sectors and priority development of the regional economy.


The goal involves solving a number of tasks:


  • The formation of a fundamentally new attitude towards investors regardless of their size


  • Building a high-quality and open dialogue between the business community and the government


  • Leadership of regional enterprises in the scientific and technological field


  • Creating effective value chains



In total, it is planned to implement 9 flagship projects in
27 industry sectors
The synergistic effect of the industry areas will help achieve the stated goals using limited resources
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Investment strategy

Strategic goal:


Highly efficient institutional space, attractive for large-scale projects and investments and free for extensive development of the private entrepreneurial initiative.

Key strategic initiatives in the field of investment environment and entrepreneurship:
Creation of the “one-stop shop” system for the interaction with investors
Assistance in removing tariff restrictions and developing the investment infrastructure
Development of the PPP/PMP institute
Reduction of the administrative and bureaucratic burden, including by reforming the control and supervision system
Effective regulation of tax and non-tax burdens and assistance in increasing the share of “white” entrepreneurship
Improving the quality of entrepreneurs' access to financial assets and increasing the effectiveness of the state financial support system
Development of an optimal infrastructure for the formation, support and development of entrepreneurial activity
Creation of transparent and predictable business and investment conditions
Creation of an environment for establishing a new formation of entrepreneurs – social entrepreneurship
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Project office

The communication and educational platform of the region is a meeting place for representatives of various structures: active residents of the city, businessmen, scientists, workers of culture and government officials. Press conferences, round tables, public discussions, presentations and expert meetings are held at the office venue.


The Project Office builds up communication lines with the internal and external contours of the Strategy implementation: authorities, the expert community, the public, and business. Meetings between representatives of the structures, expert sessions are held at the Project Office.

Analytical support

The Project Office analyzes the effectiveness of ongoing projects in the region and develops industry-specific analytical materials for executive authorities and further strategic planning. As an external consultant, it improves and justifies investment projects of the region.

Strategic planning

The Project Office, together with the Expert Council and executive authorities, is engaged in the development of short and medium-term plans for the implementation of the Strategy, prioritizes actions as part of the Strategy directions and develops industry-specific strategic documents and concepts of priority projects. It synchronizes strategic planning documents at all levels.

Project management

The project office implements the principles of project management and interagency cooperation for flagship and priority projects of the Development Strategy, ensures the uniformity of the project management methodology.


Olga Bolshakova 

Director of the Project Office of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Development Strategy


603155, Nizhny Novgorod, Bolshaya Pecherskaya st., 44

+7 (831) 437-88-86